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Executive Mentoring Services

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Baxter Warne provides Executive Mentoring services on both an individual and company-sponsored basis.  Our mentors are trusted external advisors who objectively and unemotionally help individual leaders address and face down challenging circumstances; making sense of the ‘big picture’ and helping to unravel complex issues without judgement.

We listen objectively and act as a sounding board. From a deep knowledge of successful leadership behaviour, we ask questions that encourage mentees to look at issues from a variety of perspectives and focus on problem-solving, decision-making and proposing solutions. By deep analysis we challenge traditional ways of thinking and encourage strategies outside of the mentee’s comfort zone.

Our Mentoring Programs utilise the best tools and processes developed by the world’s leading management schools and craft them into a highly effective programs for Australian executives.  Our focus on state-of-the art applied Positive Psychology helps individuals build wisdom and develop strategies that are informed by personal awareness, best leadership practice and specific industry based advice. 


Our mentors have in-depth experience in helping individuals recognise and deal with dysfunctional beliefs and help them to re-frame matters of concern into something manageable and actionable. 

Personalised Mentoring Options
  • Personal Development
      - Leveraging Your Strengths
       Becoming Unstuck
       - Building Resilience
      - Beyond Your Comfort Zone
       - Thriving
  • Career Planning
  • Career Transition
  • VUCA Leadership
  • Start-Up and Scaling Advice

We believe that unless you are properly balanced and taking care of the essentials for a healthy life, it is simply not possible for you to achieve optimal performance in either your personal or prefessional spheres. 


We work with executives on a one-on-one basis, separate from the pressure of their day-to-day activities. Through our mentoring programs senior executives are able to safely re-visit and align their company goals with their own their own personal mission, vision and values. 


We provide guidance, support, encouragement and constructive feedback in a confidential and safe environment.       

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