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Our  Associates

Our Professional Coaching Partners

Chris Gildersleeve, CEO, Gildersleeve Associates

Chris is one of Australia’s most experienced organisational behavioural experts. With a strong commercial background, Chris understands the productivity imperative of organisations and has devoted many years of study at a Masters level to understanding what differentiates one company from another in terms of individual behavioural dynamics.   With deep analytic skills, Gildersleeve Associates is expert at Team dynamics and is helping to shape the language of Optimise so that we can deliver long term sustainable productivity gains in progressive organisations.     


Dr. Samantha Graham, Principal

Sam holds a Masters is in Human Ecology at Edinburgh University. In YEAR she completed a PhD in Education Design from a UK management school.  Her PhD thesis centred on research into the progression in the mindsets of leaders across a broad selection of industries, as they attain a more integrated, more systemic, and broader understanding of the context within which they operate and influence.  In particular, her research focuses on the role of power and group dynamics in shifting perspectives, towards more inclusive understandings of the self in relation to others. 


Sam has been designing and facilitating group learning processes since 1993 (25 years) and has designed Postgraduate programs for a number of Universities (Edinburgh, Sydney & Western Sydney). She has also created programs for Not For Profit organisations such as MND & Me (Motor Neurone Disease) and the Australian Conservation Foundation,as well as corporate leadership teams including the BBC, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Nestle and Lend Lease. 

Sam combines her love of seeing people thrive with her skills as an education designer. Her greatest pleasure is in working with a group of people in order to help them do what they do, at the highest level possible.

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