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Executive Search Services

Full service senior executive search assignments are undertaken utilising all the deep networking and database resources of Baxter Warne Group and the International Recruiter Network (since 2001).  All assignments are retained and follow a discrete and thorough process of research, discovery, assessment, negotiation and finalisation. 

Executive Search is a time proven partnership between your organisation and highly experienced professionals with the ability to reach the right people, often engaged with your competitors, to fill your needs best.  It involves interaction with candidates who generally will not be seeking a change.  Most often these people will not respond to advertisements, which is why you need discreet agents to establish the contact and present your proposition in a favourable light.

All assignments start with a clear and comprehensive Position Brief, which we help you design.  It is important for you to have clearly stated mandatory requirements as well as to be prepared for fortuitous outcomes as the process unfolds.

Retained searches have three distinct phases:-

  • The preparation and start of the quest to find the best candidate,

  • The research and identification of at least two short-listed candidates of the highest quality,

  • The satisfactory finalisation of the appointment.


We pride ourselves on the quality of its service and the efficacy of the process.  We will generally complete most assignments within eight weeks from commencement and sometimes sooner when exceptional candidates are identified.


Baxter Warne has global reach and is able to identify candidates around the world without conflicts of interest.  We use our own state-of-the-art analytic tools to help with candidate selection and we provide close mentoring of successful appointees enabling us to provide a 12 month replacement guarantee on all executive search appointments.  


Further, we offer within our fees – six executive Mentoring sessions to the successful appointee.

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