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Talent Bank Placement Services

Baxter Warne’s Talent Bank Placement Service is available for our corporate clients who require a particular candidate profile as a matter of expediency.  This service provides a time-saving alternative to our Executive Search service and is highly sought after on occasions where there has been a sudden departure of a key resource or other such unexpected occurence.

Once fully briefed, we willl introduce to you a suitable candidate most appropriately qualified for your purposes from our exceptional candidates, sourced from our Graduate programs or from our extensive database.  This is a special service to clients who do not have the luxury of a time-based search due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our Talent Bank Placement Service, also referred to as “contingency recruitment”, is charged on a different basis.  In most circumstances, particularly for those candidates who have graduated from one of our professional development programs, we are most confident that he or she will be a good fit for our clients' organisations in every respect.  It is worth noting here that our graduates come to you with detailed Personal Strengths Profiles and the endorsement of having completed our significant mentoring program.

The Baxter Warne Makeover and Encore programs


For graduates of the Baxter Warne Makeover and Encore programs, we require the permission of the candidate to act for a hiring organisation.  With both of these programs, candidates have paid or have been sponsored to undertake ‘state-of-the-art’ personal development courses such as Strengths Profiles and Designing Your Life as an integral part of the coaching and mentoring they receive from the Baxter Warne Team. 


As part of these courses the candidates also receive very thorough “refresher” skills on discovering, or even re-discovering, their own Unique Value Proposition.  Our skilled personnel break down their strengths and re-focus them in the most positive way to address both their own personal and professional aspirations.


Having undertaken our developmental processes, our Graduates have gained most valuable insights into what they should be doing to realise their best potential and are far more certain of their potential contribution to a prospective employer.  The feedback we have received indicates that such clarity of purpose is a huge benefit to our client organisations.


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