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Advisory Solutions for Individuals & Corporations

Baxter Warne are Human Behavioural Specialists comprising an eclectic group of outstanding intellectuals and influencers.

Our unique personal development tools derive from a combination of state-of-the-art applied Positive Psychology and the immutable laws of nature.

We assist talented executives become more focused and effective  through principle-centric leadership coaching.

"It is only by aligning the values of its people with its own mission and values, that an organisation can develop into a sustainable and valuable enterprise." 


The Baxter Warne philosophy and practices are based on the premise that an organisation's potential is realised through its people achieving their full intellectual and social potential on a personal level.


Our programs are designed to maximise organisational potential through development of the individual. We work with key executives in assisting them clarify their personal beliefs and motivations, develop their understanding of the organisation's values and principles and in doing so, optimise their contribution to the goals of the organisation.

Programs for Individuals

Executive Mentoring

Personal advice about your career and life and realising the greatness in you.

Career Transition

Proactively working with you to understand your unique value proposition and change each aspect of your life by design.

Leadership Essentials

Optimising leadership potential in the face of increasing volatility, complexity, uncertainty  and ambiguity.


Everyone needs a Mentor. Trusted advisors objectively and unemotionally work with individuals to face challenging circumstances and make sense of the ‘big picture’. Mentors assist in unraveling complex issues and re-focus on key goals and strategies.

If you are feeling trepidatious, stuck, dissatisfied, unfulfilled or simply want a "refreshing" opinion on your career or life, mentoring may help you in ways that you might not expect ... read more

Career Transition 

Have you been retrenched? Are you dissatisfied with your career? Have you had a "stellar" career and are now grappling with having to let go?


Most, if not all executives experience disruption along these lines at various stages of their career. Baxter Warne's Encore programs provide the necessary guidance through your unique process of recovery and re-discovery.  We help you re-connect with your innate strengths. We set you on the right path, helping you build the bridge to the next productive stage of your life... read more    

Building the Bridge shutterstock_2249165
Leadership Boat shutterstock_233147590.j

Leadership Essentials

The Baxter Warne Leadership Essentials programs help individuals understand the true nature of effective leadership in the 21st century business environments where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the order of the day. 

Benefit from our principle-centric processes based on outstanding analytics and intellectual rigour and informed by many years of working with outstanding practitioners and corporate leaders leaders globally... read more

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